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          Hey, I'm Stephen!

          I'm a New England wedding photographer and I love moments. Big moments, intimate moments, funny moments, and even those unplanned moments! If you are about remembering feelings more than details, I am excited to hear from you!

          "Capture the natural,

          in the moment photos"

          Our pre-ceremony pictures had a lot of moving parts and locations which they were able to tackle perfectly. Perhaps our favorite quality we saw in Stephen and his photography was his ability to capture the natural or "in the moment" photos which truly express the feeling of that moment. Throughout the day/night you could see Stephen in all different places and stances to catch the perfect shot every time.

          - JESSICA + KIRK

          "Great Guy,

          Beautiful Photos"

          He was able to capture all the amazing moments of our wedding from formals to candids and all the details in the decorations. His creativity and attention to detail shows throughout our entire wedding album. He is laid back, fun and flexible.

          - HANNAH + SHANE

          "Captured with such

          energy and emotion"

          We were initially drawn to Stephen and his photography because of the way he captures people and moments. Look through his portfolio and you’ll see that his candids, reaction shots, small moments exchanged between the couple getting married — all are captured with such energy and emotion, with almost a cinematic quality to them. They bring the “magical” feeling of a wedding to life on film.

          - MIKE + DANNY


          was amazing!"

          Stephen was amazing! Our photos came back quicker and better than we could have imagined. We both have enormous families and was able to handle getting the large family photos without drama or making our grandparents stand and wait for too long. My husband hates having his photo taken especially when he's stressed out and Stephen handled it beautifully and got great shots.

          - SAMANTHA + TONY