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        Get to know me!

        Growing up in a large Greek family has taught me how important moments with friends and family really are. So many things happen that we’d otherwise never think about again. From that, I learned the greatest parts of our lives need to be documented.

        The excitement after your first kiss. The look on your parents face as you walk down the aisle. Your best friend from college breaking it down on the dance floor. The smiles on everyone's faces when they realize you got donuts for dessert (side note: if you have donuts, I'm already in).

        So let's be candid and let's be fun...

        "That's what it's all about anyways, you."

        About Me

        I’m witty, sometimes a little goofy, and always up for an adventure! Traveling is my favorite pastime, or should I say future-time (is that a thing?) since I’m always look for new places to experience. I love pizza – like could eat pizza every night for dinner and always watching pizza review videos kind of love. I have two dogs, one who is my best friend, and the other, who is that dog’s best friend. It works out for all of us that way. At weddings, you can usually find me singing along to your favorite songs. I promise I won’t sing that loud – because I’m not that good. I’ll be there to teach you how to tie your first bow tie, keep you hydrated, and make sure you remember to take time for yourselves. That’s what it’s all about anyways, you.