TO MENU

        1. 101,387 photos taken.

        2. 43 Weddings in 5 states across New England.

        3. 10,037 miles driven, roughly 130+ hours in the car.

        4. Five pairs of shoes destroyed. (Mostly my fault)

        5. Two brides covered in cake!

        6. Six dog ring bearers. I love when couples bring their dogs to weddings!

        7. Eight apple cider donuts were given as favors. (Obviously my favorite so I didn’t mind!)

        8. Three sparkler exits! Those are much more dangerous than it looks!

        9. One very awesome girlfriend who put up with me being MIA during wedding season.

        10. It was all worth it to document these unforgettable moments below:

        Some photos were taken while second shooting for friends. Special thanks to:

        Mark Davidson Photography

        Douglas Levy Photography

        Dan Aguirre Photgraphy

        Pizzuti Photography

        Michelle Girard Photography

        Margaret Belanger Photography

        Ned Jackson Photography

        Alisha Marie Photography

        Redwood & Rye

        Randall Garnick Photography

        Joline Cameron Photography

        Lindsay Connors Photography